Toptime Web TV


When the 'ON AIR' status is set then Toptime Live TV can be followed live.
To start Live TV press the red triangle
Once the Event is started and you still see a gray screen then press F5 for a screen refresh.
Select the highest video resolution (under the youtube settings, gear options) for the best video quality (1080P HD).
This service is free. If you like it let us know it!
If you do not want to be shown in person (GDPR legislation), we ask you to send our email via the contact menu with your identification data so that we can take this into account

Upcoming events:

Vlaamse jeugdkampioenschappen korte baan

The livestreams of the ocean events can be followed by clicking here
The livestreams of the pool events are listed below!

Finished POOL streams

Livestream National Teams DAY1: click here
Livestream National Teams DAY2: click here
Livestream National Teams DAY3: click here

Livestream Masters DAY1: click here
Livestream Masters DAY2: click here

Livestream Interclub DAY1: click here
Livestream Interclub DAY2: click here
Livestream Interclub DAY3: click here