Agenda / Event list

  • Flanders Swimming Cup

    Date: 18-19 Jan 20
    Place: Wezenberg
  • Aalst Sprintwedstrijd

    Date: 26 Jan 20
    Place: Aalst
  • Vlaamse Jeugd Kampioenschappen

    Date: 7..9 Feb 20
    Place: Wezenberg
  • 2 Daagse ZGEEL

    Date: 15-16 Feb 20
    Place: Geel => With Live video
  • Vmaase Kampioenschappen

    Date: 21..23 Feb 20
    Place: Wezenberg< => With Live video

News flash

Live Video

The next event with Live Video is on 15-16/02/2020 Tweedaagse ZGEEL also the master eventy on Saterday evening will be streamed.

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